What is Short Sale Xcelerator?

Short Sale Xcelerator is a profit enhancement tool for real estate investors. It will dramatically increase you profits, while cutting your time involvement in half. Watch the video tour.

Designed for More Profit in Less Time!
Comes with training video and manual

Step 1:


The SSx connects to the largest property data records in the country, and within seconds your evaluation is complete:

1. Property Profile Report tells you everything about your subject property

2. COMPS Report tells you the accurate Fair Market Value and provides you with list of up to 50 comparable sold properties for comparison.

3. Repair Estimate Calculator guides you to quickly estimate the repairs and it automatically creates the repair list for a lender.

You will NEVER again need to worry about making a costly mistake by overpaying for a property!

* The property data is not based on data!

** There’s a small monthly charge to access the data of $50 with selected plans. This is optional, and not required for other parts of the software to function.

Step 2:


In literally 3 clicks your Offer is calculated to all of the lenders:

1. Initial Offer to Lender is calculated automatically using the proven multipliers that guarantee the optimum starting point for your negotiations.

2. Your Maximum Offer is calculated automatically telling you how high you can go without jeopardizing your desired profit.

3. Easily adjust Closing Costs with a click of a button. Any item on the HUD can easily be adjusted.

You can also change any factor in the calculations to your liking.

It’s an ART that only a few master! How low to OFFER in order to still get your file looked at is the key to high PROFITS!

* To maximize profits the system uses different calculations for 2nd and 3rd liens than for the 1st lien!

Step 3:


This is the best yet!

1. Your Short Sale Packages are already prepared and DONE for each individual lien holder!! Just a click and your offer letter, the completed HUD settlement form, and other needed documents will be printed. Just add the few required documents from the seller and you’re DONE!

2. Power of CRM the Lender’s Information is all in one “easy-to-access” location.

3. The 33-point TASK LIST with Calendar Feature will keep you organized and “on top” of the process resulting in accelerated approvals.

The headache is GONE! Preparing the Short Sale Package, and calculating and completing the Estimated HUDs is a nightmare for many… not anymore. It’s all AUTOMATIC now!

* The short sale packages for ALL of the liens are completed and prepared automatically.

Step 4:


Your selling process will be managed and streamlined with ease:

1. Lead Categorizing each buyer is categorized by their down payment, credit rating, interest, etc.

2. Easy Buyers Relationship Management regardless where your buyer comes from, you are on top of it! You will never again lose a buyer because it “fell between cracks”.

Sell QUICKLY for TOP price in Any Market!

* All exit strategies (outright sale, owner financing, lease options, etc.) are supported.

Use These 4 Automated Steps & INCREASE Your Short Sale Profits!

Avoid the hassles, time wasting and all other non-sense associated with short sales.

Over $500,000 PROFITS In His First Year As a Short Sale Investor

"Without Short Sale Xcelerator my business would be a nightmare! I evaluated a lot of other short sale software packages and there's nothing else that compares!"

~Kit C., Arizona

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